Unique Value

  • We cast a wide net. We are the only place for civic technologists to explore their potential without prohibitive prerequisites barring their entry, at a national scale. We aim to create welcoming and inclusive spaces that anyone can join, which are critical for socializing new practices and advancing equity. We are an incredibly powerful platform for moving hearts and minds (and power) at scale.
  • We offer direct service. We are the only national network focused on using our technology power (skills, time, practices, and approaches) to directly support local communities and organizations -- at both the local and national levels, and at all levels of technology (engineering, data analysis, data science, design, user research, etc.). We offer a direct service to the movements around us for justice and equity that no one else offers at the breadth and depth we do.
  • We apply a philosophy. Relatedly, we are the only national community driving a holistic view of the appropriate and reasonable application of technology, and bringing others along in that journey (and updating and refining that view and practice as we go). Further, we focus on authentic partnership and prioritizing effective service, and growing ourselves in the process rather than confining our service to only the things that fit into our "job descriptions".
  • We lead the field. We pilot and promote new approaches that we see as the future of this field -- namely democratic processes as well as centering and resourcing lived experience in government to transform power and resources for marginalized communities.
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