Change is not only a mandate for those seeking progress, but a foregone conclusion -- change over time will happen, whether we like it or not.
The magnitude of a movement can be felt in how it facilitates, responds to, and embraces change. This truth holds primacy when the work of the movement centers on advancing how technology and justice intersect, both of which are predicated on change.
This is what this community called Code for America does best: move to meet the moment, right as it’s happening, right when the moment needs it most. We understand that doing the work reveals the work to do -- and that when something no longer works, it’s time to do it differently.
It was time to apply this respect for change to ourselves -- a dynamic, messy, action-oriented, passionate community dedicated to making change big and small.
So we organized in similarly dynamic, messy, action-oriented, and passionate ways to ReVision the change we want to make -- starting with ourselves. In doing so we shared a new understanding of the importance in listening closely to each voice we heard rise to that call for action.
We reflected on our impact through partnerships in the past and present, and in doing so we envisioned new ways of creating space for interdependence that respects and elevates the communities and individuals we hope to serve and help succeed in changing the world.
We practiced our principles as we moved through this ReVisioning process, and in doing so we proved that iteration means doing the work -- over and over -- learning from each pass and responding to the need for change by creating space for emergence while looking for evidence.
Sometimes, iteration leads us through so much change it feels like a new beginning, born from the wisdom and experience of our shared history. In this recommendation, we maximize on the iterations of the past that succeeded, and idealize a new way of being in the next evolution of Code for America’s impact -- together.
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Listen to the Preamble here.
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